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We invite you to discover a new way to experience the museum through curated content based on our collection. Choose a theme below to explore art, movies, books, music, children’s activities and more.

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Jason Rich, A Western Heritage


Discover diverse perspectives on life in the West, and an expansive look at what it means to be a cowboy (and cowgirl).

Ray Swanson, Wanna Share the Frybread?

Navajo Culture

Explore the rich history and cultural traditions of the Navajo people through a variety of lenses, including visual art, music, literature, films, food, and more.

Michael Coleman, Prince of the Okavango


Explore visual art, movies, books, and family activities that celebrate wildlife and inspire us to care about the natural world.

Tom Browning, Among the Wildflowers


We welcome spring and its promise of new beginnings. Experience the vibrant signs of the season – birth, hope, renewal,  growth, and redemption – through an array of art, movies, books, and family activities.

John Cogan, Eventide


Set your sights above as we explore the sky, from cloud formations to celestial bodies. Discover works of art, books, movies, and creative activities that encourage daydreaming and stargazing.

Charlie Dye, Dinner Music


What does community mean to you?
Explore creative offerings by artists, writers, and filmmakers who reflect on ways that human connection, shared experience, belonging, support, and healing can come through community bonds.

Tim Solliday, Migration


Travel with us on imagined journeys westward through works of visual art, books, movies, and creative activities for families.

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